Cynthia Vacca Davis


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Intersexion: A Story of Faith, Identity, and Authenticity

What happens when a teenage girl hits puberty, drops a testicle, grows a penis, develops breasts, gets a period and tells no one? What if thirty years later this person finally confides in an insecure ally who has her own secret: a life-changing promotion with a catch—her signature on a document labeling sexual minorities as “repugnant” and “offensive”?

Intersexion is a dual-narrative, creative nonfiction work told from alternating, first person perspectives. Dani/Danny’s story plays out at the intersection of social and religious tension: think Middlesex set in Margaret Atwoods Gilead—while Cynthia delivers a personal and spiritual reckoning in the vein of Glennon Doyle’s Untamed.

Crossing Paths and Finding a More Authentic Life

Cynthia, an adjunct professor with a trunk full of ungraded papers and snack wrappers, has been an LGBTQI ally for years—in convenient ways. She enjoys the company of her gay friends—but her support isn’t risky; it hasn’t cost her anything. Until she meets Dani.

The youngest child in a conservative evangelical family, Dani knows playing the role of dutiful daughter is safer than jeopardizing faith and family with a body that seems an affront to both. Born visibly female, yet desperate to be seen as the boy he truly is Dani relies on prayer and magical thinking, until his life depends on one thing: the truth.

Cynthia understands the fear fueling Danny’s silence. Her evangelical upbringing taught her that loving church “families” are conditional—just like her surprise, mid-semester tenure track promotion. Caught at her own intersection, Cynthia can silently sign her contract or join her new friend Danny on a parallel quest to discover their true selves.

Intersexion explores the cost of coming out—as a sexual minority, ally, or asker of difficult questions—and what it means to come into one’s own. It’s a book for anyone craving a more authentic life. It’s also a movement: an inclusive community forming around a desire to be very human, together.

Praise for Intersexion

with Matt Kendziera

A beautiful, honest, raw, hilarious and unedited conversation with Author and professor Cynthia Vacca Davis and the person at the center of her new book, Intersexion, Danny Cooper.

with Nate Nakao and Gail M.

English professor and author Cynthia Vacca Davis discusses Intersexion, her new book that tells the dual narrative of Danny, an intersex AFAB man, and Cynthia herself, facing the forfeiture of her dream job.

with David Morris

A conversation with author Cynthia Vacca Davis about her life, her writing, and the intersection of the two that created what became Intersexion.

Chapel Probation

with R. Scott Okamoto

We talk about Cynthia’s time teaching at an unnamed bible school. It’s got a little of everything; bigotry, patriarchy, and weak theology. There’s even a clip of a big UBS football game. Good times.

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