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Intersexion Podcast

A limited-edition podcast featuring conversations around the book’s central themes of authenticity, identity, community, and allyship.

Davis’s ‘Intersexion’ explores the traumas and the hopes of Christian community

Yes, as the cover of Cynthia Vacca Davis’s memoir proclaims, “sex” is a major theme in this book.

But if you read her title—Intersexion, A Story of Faith, Identity and Authenticity—all the way to the end, you’ll find another major theme of this book: Authenticy. And, beyond that, there’s a third major theme that matters deeply to millions of American people of faith these days: Community. The larger story within these 234 pages is about the fulfillment so many Americans are seeking in warmly embracing communities of faith.

Top 34 LGBTQ Christian books of 2022

An intersex person from a conservative evangelical family and an LGBTQ ally share their struggles in this dual memoir that reveals the cost of coming out as a sexual minority or ally. They became friends at church and each of them comes to an intersection — or “intersexion” — where they must decide whether to act with courage by being true to themselves. Intersecting issues include gender identity, evangelical upbringing and academic freedom.

Intersexion: An interview with Cynthia Vacca Davis

Given the fact that so few Christians understand intersex people, let alone have considered intersex people as good and whole revelations of the incarnated intersex body of God, I decided to interview author Cynthia Vacca Davis about her book Intersexion: A Story of Faith, Identity, and Authenticity.

On Intersexion and author Cynthia Vacca Davis

Loooooved this chat with my friend, @cynthia_vacca_davis, about her phenomenal new book, Intersexion: A Story of Faith, Identity, and Authenticity. I can’t recommend it enough.

Watch the video, buy the book, and thank me later! 😘

At the Intersexion of Misogyny and Homophobia

Cynthia Vacca Davis sits down with Tim to discuss the book. Cynthia explains her background in Christian spaces. Tim and Cynthia discuss how she met the person who was the inspiration for the book. Tim and Cynthia explain her struggle at a Christian University as an LGBTQIA affirming professor. Lastly, Cynthia explains where she is now and how she’s found the community she has.

CNU professor’s memoir recounts how a Christian became ally for queer people

It’s been decades since the first time a teenager told Cynthia Vacca Davis that he was gay, but the conversation still haunts her. The former Christian youth group leader remembers the way the gangly boy’s eyes flickered to her face before returning to his fidgeting hands. As she sat on a beanbag chair across from him, she felt as shaky as he sounded, dreading what she knew she was supposed to say next…

On Intersexion and author Cynthia Vacca Davis

Oh friends, the brilliant @cynthia_vacca_davis has written a beautiful, tangled, complicated, necessary book called Intersexion: A Story of Faith, Identity, and Authenticity. Check out our conversation, then be sure to pick up a copy. Enjoy!

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Faith, Identity, & Authenticity with Cynthia Vacca Davis

Rev. Bri-anne sits down with author Cynthia Vacca Davis as they discuss Cynthia’s newly released book Intersexion, as well as Cynthia’s journey of allyship, and the cost of being Intersex in a complicated church landscape.

with Andrew Pledger

Cynthia Vacca Davis is a semi-salty adjunct English professor with a trunk full of papers and snack wrappers. She holds an MFA in creative nonfiction, leads writing workshops, and has written hundreds of feature stories, and two independently published YA novels.

With Rachel Spears

Professor and author Cynthia Vacca Davis shares about her journey from convenient allyship to active advocacy.

Hosted by Jesf Benedict

Author, and Community Builder Cynthia Vacca Davis joins Jesf and Juleigh to discuss her book “Intersexion” and the unique relationship between Intersex and Church.

with Spencer Rose Taylor & Josephine Jael Jimenez

We are the women that 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 warned you about. This is a podcast about Christianity then, now, and the future. We will be talking about everything from current events and how your theology informs your responses to them to other hot topics in the church.

with Jennifer Pickens and Curtis Michael Holland

Would you like to meet the fabulous narrators of Cynthia Vacca Davis’s Intersexion? Join in on this friendly and fun interview of Jennifer Pickens and Curtis Michael Holland who narrated the parts of Cynthia an Danny in this moving memoir.

with Matt Kendziera

A beautiful, honest, raw, hilarious and unedited conversation with Author and professor Cynthia Vacca Davis and the person at the center of her new book, Intersexion, Danny Cooper.

with R. Scott Okamoto​

We talk about Cynthia’s time teaching at an unnamed bible school. It’s got a little of everything; bigotry, patriarchy, and weak theology. There’s even a clip of a big UBS football game. Good times.

with Nate Nakao and Gail M.

English professor and author Cynthia Vacca Davis joins Gail and Nate to discuss her new book, Intersexion, Her book tells the dual narrative of Danny, an intersex AFAB man who was born and raised in a conservative Christian environment, and Cynthia herself, facing the forfeiture of her dream job thanks to a Christian university’s stance on LGBTQIA+ people.

with David Morris

A conversation with author Cynthia Vacca Davis about her life, her writing, and the intersection of the two that created what became Intersexion.

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