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Intersexion Podcast

A limited-edition podcast featuring conversations around the book’s central themes of authenticity, identity, community, and allyship.

with Nate Nakao and Gail M.

English professor and author Cynthia Vacca Davis joins Gail and Nate to discuss her new book, Intersexion, Her book tells the dual narrative of Danny, an intersex AFAB man who was born and raised in a conservative Christian environment, and Cynthia herself, facing the forfeiture of her dream job thanks to a Christian university’s stance on LGBTQIA+ people.

with Matt Kendziera

A beautiful, honest, raw, hilarious and unedited conversation with Author and professor Cynthia Vacca Davis and the person at the center of her new book, Intersexion, Danny Cooper.

Chapel Probation

with R. Scott Okamoto​

We talk about Cynthia’s time teaching at an unnamed bible school. It’s got a little of everything; bigotry, patriarchy, and weak theology. There’s even a clip of a big UBS football game. Good times.

with David Morris

A conversation with author Cynthia Vacca Davis about her life, her writing, and the intersection of the two that created what became Intersexion.