Cynthia Vacca Davis


Upcoming Re-Releases

The Chrysalis

What Christina Brannigan wanted was a size five prom gown and a date… what she got was 15 pounds heavier working on the Donut Project.

What she wanted was a leading role in the school play… what she got was a nosebleed during the drama club audition.

Christina accepted Aunt Meg’s invitation to spend the summer teaching arts and crafts to disadvantaged kids at summer camp so she could become everything that she was not. She never expected to meet someone who appreciated the person she already was. The gift that Mark Chadwick gives Christina is the confidence to make a decision that will alter both of their lives forever. Suddenly, nothing is simple anymore…

Drink the Rain

Fans of Sarah Dessen will love this story of travel, adventure, and drama, Cynthia Davis’s follow up to her debut novel, The Chrysalis.

Two starry nights–one in New York, the other on a desolate African plain…

Under the falling stars of a cold November sky, Christina Brannigan’s life seems deceptively clear.

Until the dark clouds of an approaching storm bring trouble that doesn’t dissolve with the snow.

A sting operation, a lost letter, and a roadside breakdown bring her toward a cross roads under the winding path of the Milky Way.

What happens next depends on the answer to a question asked in a tin shack church by a barefoot guy with an easy smile…

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